Timeshare Buyer’s Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely. That is why we say, Smart people buy timeshares but smarter people buy timeshare resales.

You do not have to pay cash. We do offer financing and in most cases, our financing terms are more competitive than the developer’s financing terms.

In most cases timeshare resale owners receive the same benefits and privileges as the previous owner. However, there may be some exceptions.

It is a well-known fact that a primary cost in a new timeshare is Sales and Marketing. In some cases the cost of sales and marketing is over 50% of the original purchase price. When you buy a timeshare on the resale market, you are paying for the basic value of the property LESS the mark up cost.

You, as a buyer, must determine what criteria you are looking for in a timeshare. Here at Hotel Timeshare Resales International, Inc. we have segmented timeshare owners into four categories:

  • Those who buy a timeshare to use primarily at a particular location.
  • Those who want to own a hotel brand name timeshare, such as Marriott, Hilton, Four Seasons, etc.
  • Those who want to own a timeshare in a vacation club system based on points such as Hilton, Westin or Intrawest.
  • Those who are interested in a timeshare just for exchanges with a minimal investment.


  1. Good location
  2. Good management
  3. Prime time
  4. Good exchange value
  5. Priced right.

Hotel Timeshare Resales International, Inc. believes in quality not quantity. Other timeshare resale companies advertise thousand of units for resale. We on the other hand, advertise only a handful of properties that encompass the five categories described above. However, if you should have a special request, please fill in the electronic form and through our network of brokers, we will locate a unit for you. If you wish to add your timeshare resale listing to our database use our list your property for sale form.

The key to our success is repeat and referral business, which is a direct result of the great support system we offer our buyers after the sale. It is the service after the sale that counts. Having over 85 years of combined experience in the timeshare industry, we will “show you the ropes” for the successful use of your timeshare.

Yes; however it is only an investment in your vacation lifestyle. Never regard timeshare as a financial investment. This is money that is set aside and intended to be spent for a vacation regardless. The difference is that you have a future recoverable expenses versus just paying off someone else’s mortgage.

  1. Timeshare usage based on weekly intervals.
  2. Timeshare usage based on an annual points package. (Do not confuse this usage package with developer’s Hotel REWARD POINTS program)

It is really a matter of preference. It depends on your needs and vacation lifestyle.

A timeshare that is based on a point system allows you to use it as little as one night at a time within their system whereas the other type is one week at a time only. However, keep in mind that regardless of which system you use, when you exchange your week within an exchange company, you will trade your time on weekly intervals.

A developer’s reward system is a privilege offered to you by some brand name hotel companies such as Marriott and Hilton, where you can trade your timeshare towards hotels, airlines and car rental credits.
Click Here for the Truth about Developer Reward Points.

This is a loaded question. There are many factors that will determine which usage is more beneficial for you. They are:

  • The timeshare property you own.
  • The season you own.
  • The frequency in which you can trade your week for rewards points.
  • The conversion rate.
  • The black out dates and restrictions imposed by the developer.
  • The price you paid for it.
  • Whether you bought a timeshare resale or paid the full retail price.
  • Whether the developer allows you to pass on the rewards point program when you resell your timeshare on the resale market.

Contact one of our vacation experts to find out the best deal for you!

The answer is quite simple. We do not want to be the biggest, only the best at what we do.

  1. Best Prices. When you buy a timeshare directly from a developer, in most cases, over 50 percent of the purchase price is to cover the cost of sales & marketing. Why pay retail when you can acquire the same timeshare property as a resale for a fraction of the developer’s price?
  2. No upfront fees of any kind, period, if you wish to sell your unit.
  3. Anybody can sell you a timeshare. It is the service after the sale that counts.
  4. Other resale offices boast that they carry thousands of timeshare resale units. We on the other hand will only carry a handful of developer units that meet our criteria and your expectations.
  5. We have over 85 years of experience in sales, marketing and quality assurance.
  6. We are the largest independent reseller of brand name developer’s such as Marriott Vacation Club and a recognized independent official resale office for the Hilton Grand Vacation Club and Hyatt Vacation Club.