Advantages of Listing with Hotel Timeshare Resales

Advantages of listing with Hotel Timeshare Resales to resell your week(s).

  • We do not charge upfront listing fees of any kind, including appraisal fees.
  • We will not accept just ANY timeshare to get a listing; only those that meet our criteria and that we feel confident can be resold in a reasonable time. Our timeshare resale criteria is:

    • Good location
    • Prime season
    • Good management company
    • High exchangeability
    • Priced right
  • We are constantly upgrading and improving our website to maintain the highest possible position in the major search engines
  • Your timeshare is marketed with maximum exposure using the following methods:

    • Walk-in Traffic. Our offices are located in high traffic areas for timeshare clients.
    • This Website
    • Billboards
    • Direct mail
    • Referral business
    • Advertising in specific publications
    • Cooperation with other timeshare brokers
  • Property Knowledge. Our timeshare resale agents undergo extensive classroom training to keep them at the highest knowledge level regarding your vacation ownership property.