Coastal Living – December 1997
by Diane Harris

“The entry of big names like Disney and Marriott has transformed much of the once –troubled industry into an upscale vacation paradise. But don’t be swept by the view – savvy timeshare owners know when and where to buy.
Hunt for bargains in the resale market.”

“Prices for a new one –week timeshare range from less than $5,000 for a small unit at a no frills complex tp $40,000 or more for one of the best units at the most luxurious resorts. But bargain hunters can typically pick up the same quality accommodations on the resale market for 25 to 50 percent less than the developer’s price. In fact, the only reason experienced timesharers can think of to buy new is if you’ve got your heart set on owning a unit in one of the newest resort built by Marriott, Disney or another big-name player, since those units rarely come on the market until at least two or three years after the development opens.”