For over three decades, Marriott has established itself as a family paradise, a top-quality vacation resort, and a luxurious getaway for travelers of all ages. With countless resorts to choose from, Marriotts are a convenient, reliable and highly reputable destinations for everyone. The Marriott vacation ownership branch, Marriott Vacation Club, is one of the largest international resellers worldwide and offers luxurious timeshare resorts of your choice. Owning a Marriott timeshare gives you outstanding benefits and numerous destinations year after year.

At Hotel Timeshare Resales International, we offer individuals and families the luxury to buy or rent a Marriott timeshare, as well as the option to sell their Marriott timeshare. If you are interested, please call our toll-free number at (800) 808-5651 or our direct line at (760) 836-3434.

What is a Marriott Timeshare?

Marriott timeshares offer exceptional villas or luxury suites at any of the Marriott Vacation Club (MVC) resorts worldwide. MVC members can secure their reservations at any Marriott resort of their choice, as well as be offered exclusive bonuses and premiums that other guests may not be offered. The popular Marriott resorts include, but are not limited to, Desert Villas in Palm Desert, Timber Lodge in Lake Tahoe, Oceanfront villas in Hawaii and so much more.

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The Benefits of Owning a Marriott Timeshare

When you purchase a Marriott timeshare, you’ll be provided affordable, stress-free vacations and convenient, dynamic services for years to come. In addition to personally selecting the unique villas for your vacation each year, you’ll become a MVC member, which opens a door to great rewards!

Once you own your Marriott timeshare, you’ll be able to sell or rent it as you see fit. However, with a MVC membership, you have the opportunity to browse exclusive destinations throughout the world. This means that you can embark on a desert oasis vacation at your deeded timeshare at Marriott’s Desert Spring Villas, followed by skiing for the winter at Marriott’s StreamSide next!

Additionally, Marriott offers points advantages for timeshare owners. When you become a timeshare owner in the Marriott Vacation Club Ownership program, you’ll have annual vacation club points, which means that you’ll have flexible “vacation currency” that can be used towards the timeshare vacation of your choice. With a Marriott timeshare resale, you can travel all over the world and have all the benefits… plain and simple.

Where are Marriott Timeshare Resorts?

Marriott offers numerous resorts all around the globe, from vacation opportunities on the islands of Hawaii and U.S. Virgin Islands to European cities and California getaways. View our complete list of all Marriott resort destinations below…